• 10:30 am service only. No evening service at this time.
    • Livestream is available at 10:30am.
    • In order to attend the 10:30am worship service, one must call the church to reserve a seat.
    • Attendees have assigned seating in the auditorium that complies with the social distancing guidelines given by Governor Holcomb.
    • We ask everyone to maintain approximately six feet distance from one another, except for families. 
    • We will refrain from a corporate handshake time.
    • Offering will be received before and after the service in the lobbies. (No offering plates passed around)
    • We encourage everyone to use the sanitizer available in the lobbies, and to wear a mask if that’s what you’d prefer. 
    • There is No Nursery, Sunday School, Jr. Church, Choir or Orchestra.
    • CDC guidelines are posted around the facilities.
    • The facilities are throuroghly cleaned and disinfected between gatherings.



    •  Livestream is available at 7:00pm.


  1. All online worship options will remain in place.
  2. There will be varying opinions within our church and within our community regarding how and when we re-assemble. The best we can do is make wise decisions concerning information at hand and follow God’s leading.
  3. Our Reassembly Plan is subject to change as information updates and as God leads. Please check back regularly for updated schedules.
  4. We want to encourage all those that fall in high risk categories to continue to make decisions that protect your health. Do not feel compelled to participate in anything you feel places you in jeopardy. If you are sick, please stay home.
  5. As we bring any groups back together, our facilities have been thoroughly disinfected and will continue to be disinfected between meetings. We will also have instituted safety precautions that comply with all social distancing and cleanliness guidelines. 


All of us miss being able to worship together as a church family. While we would like to pick up exactly where we left off, we realize that our coming back together will be a gradual process. Our Reassembly Plan has been developed with much prayer, seeking leadership from God, consulting with state and local officials, and observing the effects of the coronavirus in our area.

Specifically, we have reviewed the CDC’s guidelines for churches, we have contacted our Hendricks County officials, we have reviewed Governor Holcomb’s orders, the Indiana Department of Health and the recommendations of the Christian Law Association. 


After all of that, we believe our plan is reasonable and represents our eagerness to gather together with God’s people to worship Him in a biblical way. Ultimately, the safety of our church family and obedience to God are of the utmost consideration in our decisions. 


Keep in mind that plan we are using to reassemble, is subject to change as information updates and as God leads. We will notify those changes and communicate updates by way of email, and our website,


If you feel uncomfortable attending under these circumstances, please stay home.

We are excited to gather in person again as a church, specifically excited to see how the Lord will work in the coming days. This is a very unique time in church history. We are “running the race that is set before us.”  It’s important that each of us continue “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.” 


Livestream Worship Services

We are providing the following ways to worship and to stay connected during this period:

    • Livestream services will be broadcast on those Wednesday evenings at 7:00 and those Sunday mornings at 10:30

Daily in the Word

On each day, excluding Sunday and Wednesday, a member of the Pastoral Staff will be recording a short video devotion entitled “Daily in the Word”.  This is to maintain and encourage our personal edification and encouragement through this time of personal fellowship. This will be sent as a daily email with a link to the video. It will be permanently available on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page.

Office Hours/Availability

The church office will continue to be open, but remotely. If you need to speak to someone from the church, please call the office at 317-272-4632. 

Member Care

We are committed to meeting the needs of our members at this difficult time, while maintaining the protecting the health of all. Here are some ways we are doing this:

    • Pastors will be calling members throughout the next weeks to check on the most vulnerable.
    • Deacons will be calling all widows and shut-ins each weeks to offer help, prayer, and assistance as needed.

Giving Considerations and Options

We are committed to the financial stewardship matters this situation may present. As the staff, we have imposed very strict policies to ensure vigilance as it pertains to the fiancees of the church. In addition, we must remain faithful in our giving. The following are some options regarding how to submit your tithe/offering:

    • Mail your tithe/offering to the church  7090 E. US Hwy 36  Avon, IN 46123
    • Drop off your tithe/offering in a secured dropbox that is attached to the building outside the South Lobby doors. Checks only. No Cash.
    • Give online at
    • Text to Give  (84321)
    • Pick Up Service.  Call the office and someone from the staff will pick up your tithe/offering

Here are some helpful resources to help guide your response to the COVID-19.


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