For over 40 years, Faith Baptist Church has used the AWANA Clubs to serve as our Wednesday children’s discipleship program. The AWANA clubs help our church work together with parents to develop spiritually minded children who are prepared to serve Jesus Christ with their lives. Each Wednesday, through the school year, lubbers participate in three different segments of the program Handbook Time: Clubbers are divided into small groups where they memorize Scripture with the help of an adult group leader. Counsel Time: Clubbers assemble into a chapel area to hear Bible preaching that is directed at their specific age group. Game Time: Clubbers gather into the Fellowship Hall to compete against their peers in fun, team-oriented games. As Clubbers grow, they will work their way through the following: • Cubbies - 4 and 5 year olds • Sparks - Grades K5 through 2nd • T&T - Grades 3rd through 6th Time Wednesday (during school year) 6:40 pm to 8:15 pm.


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The nursery is provided for Sunday school, Sunday morning worship, Sunday evening worship, and Wednesday evening worship. Nursery is also provided during special church services such as Revival, Missions Conference, etc. All babies 2 years old and below are welcome in the nursery. Parents who leave their baby in nursery will receive a pager that will vibrate if the parent is needed. Parents will also complete a check-in sheet with baby information and any special instructions. We want you to be at ease with the care of your child so you can enjoy all church services.


God has blessed us with the most beautiful group of 2 & 3 year olds. Every Sunday is a challenge for all four teachers. Our greatest blessing is seeing how much they learn: that God loves them; that God always take care of them; they should keep God in their hearts; they can pray and God will hear; and as we teach the memory verses for them to hide in their hearts. God truly blesses!

Kids Class


It is amazing how much your child will learn in these classes specifically tailored for children from four to five years old. They will come home singing new songs, quoting verses they have memorized, displaying their crafts, and sharing with you important truths they are learning from the Bible. They will learn things like the importance of obedience, being kind, sharing, and even more important truths, like who Jesus is, and the fact that God loves them and made them for a unique purpose. The teachers and workers are trained, dedicated, compassionate, and excited to be a small part of the life of your child. On Sundays, during the 10:30 hour, they combine for a fun "Kid's Korner" time designed just for 4 and 5 year olds.


Games, excitement, learning, crafts and songs are just a few words that describe the PrimarY Sunday school classes at Faith Baptist Church. During this critical age range, children's ability to memorize Bible verses, and to comprehend more significant truths from the Bible really accelerates. On Sundays, during the 10:30 hour, they combine for the energetic “Kids 4 Christ” time.

Kids Class


Third and fourth graders will experience classes that are as full of energy, excitement, and hope as they are. They will learn powerful truths from the Bible that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. They will memorize Scripture, participate in games, and make great friends. On Sundays, during the 10:30 hour, they combine for the energetic “Kids 4 Christ” time.


The preteen's classes, services and activities create an unforgettable life-building experience through the big ideas in God's Word, the Bible. Each week preteens will enjoy engaging classes with activities, games, and memorable lessons. On Sundays, during the 10:30 hour, they combine for the energetic “Kids 4 Christ” time.


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