Adult Bible Studies

Every Sunday Morning at 9:30 AM, hundreds of adults meet together in small groups to study out God's Word.  This time is where our members connect with each other and with God as they study the truths found in His Word.  Please plan to join us; we are sure you will be able to find a group that is right for you!


The College & Career Class is designed for the young adult who is starting to enter a different phase in their life. Everything after high school graduation is brand new. Whatever paths the young adult may dare to venture down, whether it is college, career, or military, the College and Career Class can help to prepare the young adult for the tough decisions that they will encounter when the world challenges their faith, virtues and values.


In today's world we make lots of decisions. But how does a Christian make the right choice? What does it mean to be a Christian? How does God's word impact my life? What does it mean to be saved? How do I deal with my sin and react to those around me? Discipleship teaches the foundations of being a Christian and how to live for Christ in today's world. Learn the foundations that will impact every aspect of your life for Christ.


The Auditorium Bible Class of Faith Baptist Church is a Sunday School Bible Class that is open to folks of all ages (although most of our members are 55 years of age or older). The ABC class uses a simple verse by verse Bible Study format. Last year we finished a year and a half study through the Book of Romans and this year (2010) we started an in depth study through the Book of Genesis. We would love to have you come join us as we learn practical Biblical principles that help growing Christians become more like their Savior.


This Sunday school class is for any married couple up to age 35 (or so). This class suits the needs of Married Couples by: teaching lessons directed at their place in life, hosting monthly activities, taking an annual 4 day trip, and reaching our community through class projects.


Todos necesitamos conectarnos con otras personas que están en la misma etapa que nosotros.


As families we desire to be grounded in God's Word so that we can enjoy a thriving relationship with God. We believe God's Word will teach us how to produce a healthy marriage relationship, give us guide lines for parenting, and prepare and motivate us to care for and win those without Christ.


We have ladies of all ages (18-80s) and all stages (married, single, and single again).Class time consists of prayer, memorizing verses, sometimes singing and testimonies, and always Bible study, usually of a general topic, but slanted towards women's needs. We meet for fellowship and fun once a month. In the past we have sponsored Talent Share nights, chili and pie cook-offs, dinners out and at homes, family picnics, clothing and jewelry exchanges, etc. Sometimes ladies only and other times including family members. All ladies past high school age are welcome to join us.


Do you like serious Bible study?
Do you have a desire to really get into the depths of God's Word?
Do you want to really grow? Are you tired of Bible Studies that avoid all the hard questions and offer no real answers?
If being only a Sunday morning Christian is not enough for you then the F.B.I class is the class for you. The F.B.I. Class stresses Christian apologetics... the Defense of the Faith once delivered to the saints. We major on prophetic themes and verse-by-verse Bible book studies.

Past series include:
Verse-by-verse through the Book of James
Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Cults
The Masonic Lodge
Creation and Evolution
Basic Theology
Bible "Contradictions"
Having a Biblical World View
Doctrine of the Church
 We are an adult class, but our ages range from early twenties to over seventy years old. We're not oriented around ages, but around the ageless Word of God.


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 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


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